It is our mission to Unite, Equip, and Mobilize individuals to pursue Wholeness, Leadership, and Reproduction. It is our vision to live out and release the Kingdom of God and the power of His life to the nations.

It is our mission to Unite, Equip, and Mobilize leaders to pursue Holiness, Leadership, and Harvest. We do this through church and ministry planting, a networking of relationships, hands-on training, classes and retreats, regional conferences, overseas mission trips, and individual mentoring as well as discipleship programs.

The ministries of LIFE Alliance include our Crossing LIFE Churches based in New Hampshire, Maine, and the Netherlands; YouthStorm: a partnership of the generations with a specific focus of youth mentoring and social outreach; our Training Center: in which we offer accredited classes and degrees as well as develop leadership models for church growth; and finally our Prayer Furnace through which we mobilize churches, ministries, and individuals for intercession and worship throughout the week in unified and informed prayer.

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